Honey, I’m home!

This time last week I was jammed into a seat on an Austrian Airlines flight from Vienna to Washington, DC. I can’t say I care to repeat that experience for at least a little while. Whoever said, “Getting there is half the fun,” obviously was not referring to transatlantic travel in coach.

But BEING there was worth every sleepless hour going, and each irritated reply from the snippy male flight attendant coming home. A little tip if you’re ever flying Austrian Airlines: consider smuggling in your own sandwich fixings. The food is pretty bad. However, after passing out the dreary meals, the attendants return with huge baskets of fresh, hot crusty bread rolls. They even encourage you to take as many as you want! So pass on the pasta (awful), help yourself to a few rolls and pull out that salami and cheese.

I have so much to tell everyone about this trip. I took a Viking river cruise on the Danube River from Romania to Budapest, Hungary. We actually flew into Bucharest and spent one night there, with a quick tour of the city before heading by bus to the river, about two hours’ drive from the city.

The Viking Primadonna in port

Our seven nights on the Danube took us to towns and cities on or near the river in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia and Hungary. The trip ended with two nights in a nice Hilton on the hilly Buda side of Budapest – a fabulous city I’m already dying to visit another time. My cousin Carole and I went from Budapest to Vienna for four nights (we went by taxi – more on that later!), then home.

So – I’m back. I have tons of photos and lots of stories to share. As I settle into my routine and catch up on work, I find I can hardly wait to organize my materials and post more specific information here on this blog. I even took videos on my camera that look like something a caffeinated chimp might have shot, but we’ll see if the editing software can help me salvage any bits to post here.

So stay tuned . . . .

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