A different journey

I’ve been on a different journey this month of June. It has involved trips to the doctor’s office and to the hospital for same day surgery. My activities have been more geared toward self-reflection and wondering what life might become if my health is compromised.

I’m happy to say that as we head into July, that my little cancer scare is over. I have been given a clean bill of health and am breathing a sigh of relief. I feel very lucky.

I also feel it’s time to shrug off the distractions of these last several weeks and focus on what I love – my writing, traveling . . . and of course, time with family, friends and my two sweet dogs. The “boys” are great cuddlers when life feels a bit precarious.

In case anyone wondered, today I just wanted to say, “I’m still here!” Have a wonderful weekend and in the days ahead, I’ll be writing more about some of the wonderful places I’ve been fortunate to visit. Ciao!

About katemahar

Freelance writer and event planner by trade . . . mother/daughter/sister/friend . . . passionate traveler . . . compulsive reader
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