Asiana 214

I’ve been glued to CNN, watching the events unfold since the crash of Asiana 214 at San Francisco Airport yesterday. So very sad about the two deaths and injuries to many.

What I’d like to say to readers, though, is – don’t be discouraged. Accidents happen, and the statistics tell us that you’re more likely to be hurt or lose your life in an accident in your own home, or driving in your home town, than you are to experience a plane crash.

Life is risky. You can’t live in a bubble. An accident isn’t a sign that you should never fly again, or even be afraid the next time you get on a plane. Don’t do that to yourself. What’s the point, after all?

Go ahead and book that ticket to London or Seattle or wherever you have dreamed of visiting. If there’s a lesson from Asiana 214 and every other tragic occurrence in life, it’s to make it your business to celebrate your OWN life. Let’s enjoy it while we can.

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2 Responses to Asiana 214

  1. Margaret Phinney says:

    Well said; thanks. Margaret

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  2. Well said. This can’t scared us off because a tragedy like this one could happen in any other mean of transportation too. The thing is we are prone to have a special fear of planes because if something happens when we are up in the airwe feel kind of powerless.

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