Thinking ahead

Keeping up with this blog has made me realize how much I am a forward-thinking kind of gal as opposed to one who likes to remember and recall what already happened.

There is so much material I truly do want to write about from the river cruise. But . . . now I’m working on plans for my next trip and I’m all about THAT! Yesterday I booked our hotel room in Rome and looked into cooking classes and a walking tour and cooking experience in the city. This will be my fifth visit to Rome and I’m excited to be going with a friend who would rather do those kinds of things, rather than go to the standard historical attractions (which I have visited numerous times – and loved. But, numerous times).

My friend Fran has been my buddy since we walked from Geneva Elementary School to Assumption School for catechism every Wednesday afternoon from second grade on. The nuns were of an order that wore odd habits reminiscent of how stewardesses on Vatican Airways may have dressed in 1950. Fran has never been to Europe and when she told me a couple years ago that she really wanted to try a Mediterranean cruise, I told her to count me in when she was ready to take the plunge (figuratively speaking).

So we signed up for this great deal on Costa Cruises, sailing for seven days beginning on Oct. 8. Yes, Costa is the cruise line that went on the rocks off the coast of Italy not long ago. But I come from the school of thought that the safest airline to fly on is the one that just had a crash. I mean, what are the odds that the same thing will happen again to that airline anytime soon? That has to be true of ships too, I’m thinking. So, I told Fran I was game.

Since we’ll be beginning and ending in Rome, and Fran is of 100% Italian stock, I suggested we add a few days at the end as long as we’ll have already flown that far. We toyed with the idea of driving to Sorrento or any number of other trips, but renting a car is really expensive in Europe and so, we’re going to spend that time in Rome. Maybe take the train up to beautiful Orvieto one day.

Anyway. So that’s what I’m thinking about these days. If anyone has any suggestions for different things to do in and around Rome – particularly things that will be fun for my wine- and food-loving friend, Fran – please let me know! Grazie!

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