Limoncello Ohio style

I have been SO lazy since our family reunion is over, and Chris went back to Australia. The only way I could possibly have been lazier today would have been to just stay in bed. And I haven’t made any effort to mine the material from my cruise to write something interesting for you here.

So here is my only travel-related thought:  if you go to Italy, bring home some limoncello. Oh,  I know. We drink some in a sunny spot in Sorrento or after a great dinner in Rome and spend half an hour debating over the different brands in the duty-free shop, right? Then you open up the bottle back home and well . . . wah, wah, wah.

Did I choose the wrong brand (again)? Does it lose something traveling for eight hours in the overhead bin of a 727? Whatever the reason, I had resigned myself to the idea that bringing limoncello home from Italy is just a waste of those last Euros burning a hole in my pocket at the Rome airport.

Store selling limoncello and all things lemon in Sorrento

Well, the other night I went to my women’s study club meeting at my friend Diane’s house. Diane is always a great hostess, and with a selection of wines and soft drinks, she also had set out a bottle of limoncello, a bottle of tonic and a little dish with fresh mint leaves. She suggested mixing the limoncello with tonic, add ice and a crushed mint leaf and – mamma mia! Now that’s a great, refreshing drink!

So go ahead and buy another bottle the next time you’re in Italy. I’m bringing one back in October for certain. And grazie mille to Diane!

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