Hint from Heloise

No, seriously. This is a hint from Heloise from this month’s Good Housekeeping:

Put some of your perfume or cologne on a cotton ball or two and put the cotton into an empty pill bottle for travel. Wipe the scent from the cotton onto your pulse points whenever you want to get yourself smelly (no, she didn’t say that part – I did).

By doing this you can avoid having one more liquid thing in your carry on that has to be less than 3.5 oz. and in a baggie and approved by your mother (again me – not TSA). Also, back in the days when I hoped to have sex again and wore perfume and heels and all that jazz, I had perfume bottles mysteriously evaporate and/or break in transit. Expensive and annoying mishaps.

Just one more note about perfume – just don’t pull out those cotton balls and start smelling everything up on the plane, okay? That’s actually the first reason why I stopped wearing the stuff. I hate sitting next to or near someone who’s drenched in cologne. Gag!

Another little tip – look for small plastic containers of different types with the travel-sized toothpaste, etc., at Wal-Mart or other discount or drug stores. There’s a little one about the size of a walnut with a screw cap that I use to bring just enough of the styling paste I use on my hair, rather than pack the whole jar. There are little spray bottles, too. Sometimes I use those to make my own travel-size wrinkle release or Febreeze bottles to bring along for longer trips. I bet those soap dishes would work well to keep an emergency brownie fresh, too.

That’s it for today, chicas.

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