Your travelin’ shoes

I think the most important thing you wear, and pack, will be your shoes on any trip you take. When I go overseas, I do my best to travel light – but I firmly believe, and recommend, that you always wear a pair, and pack a spare.

You might think, hey – I’m wearing a comfortable pair of shoes. Why bring another pair? When you’re walking a lot, your feet will serve you better if you switch from one pair to another, alternating days. I don’t know why, medically speaking, but I do know it works for me.

Second, if you have an especially wet or snowy day and you’re out and about, your shoes may not be dry and ready to go later in the evening to go to dinner, or even the next day. Don’t wear damp, yucky shoes! Give them time to dry out and wear the alternate pair.

I like to wear slip-on shoes on travel days, when possible. It’s annoying to have to find a place to sit and tie shoes back on after you go through security, especially if you’re already juggling the coat you removed, and the belt, and your purse, carry-on, your book, cell phone, change from your pocket . . . .

Here is my spare pair for England next month:

Mick approves of my shoes.

Mick approves of my shoes.

What will the Brits think of this middle-aged American woman wearing red sneakers? Well, I decided I’d rather be thought somewhat eccentric than wear white tennis shoes and just be dowdy. (Okay, just my opinion, ladies!)

Besides . . . my orthotics fit perfectly in these shoes. Insert smiley face here.

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1 Response to Your travelin’ shoes

  1. Cindy Illig-Lum says:

    I approve of the shoes too. The fact that you call them sneakers, well, I shall remain silent. Try “runners ” for a more contemporary term. (at least across the pond).. Insert Smiley face here.

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